1969 Camaro SS Convertible
Driven by Drew Barrymore as Dylan
Sony Pictures 2000
They're beautiful, they're brilliant, and they work for Charlie.  In
Charlie's Angels, an updated movie of the original '70s television
series, Dylan (Drew Barrymore), Natalie (Cameron Diaz) and
Alex (Lucy Lui) dish out equal amounts of cool detective work,
combat skill and lethal feminine charm to survive their riskiest
assignment.  The trio of elite private investigators armed with
the latest high-tech tools, high- performance vehicles, martial
arts techniques  unleash their state-of-the-art skills to track
down a kidnapped corporate mogul.
The Camaro has been one of the most
popular cars built since it's introduction  in
1967.  Not only by Hollywood and muscle car
enthusiasts, but also by the world of motor
sports.  This completely original 1969 Camaro
SS Convertible has been styled as a 1969
Indianapolis 500 Pace Car.
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