1955 Ford Thunderbird
owned by
Dennis Wilson
The Beach Boys

The Ford Thunderbird is also a lasting piece of
American culture.  Immortalized in film (American
Graffiti) and song (Fun, Fun, Fun), the T-bird has
always been one of Ford’s most popular cars.  So
much so, that recently Ford has introduced a new
retro styled Thunderbird that draws it’s inspiration
from this model car.
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For over forty years, the Beach Boys have been the all-American rock group, promoting surfing, cars, girls
and especially California.  With many hit records since the early 1960’s and lasting still today, the Beach
Boys and their music will never out of style.
In 1991, this 1955 T-Bird, formally owned by Beach
Boy, Dennis Wilson, underwent a complete frame-off
restoration.  As you see the car is now in better than
showroom appearance.  The final touch is the hood,
autographed by the Beach Boys